Sex Tips

Biggest Turnoffs in Bed You Should Avoid

You are just starting to enjoy making out with a gal or a guy. There’s an unexplainable flow of electricity with his/her flirtatious touch and that feels good. But unlike on what you usually see in TV shows and movies, sex isn’t an exception to goof-ups, awkward situations and embarrassments.

Know these biggest turnoffs in bed and avoid them at all costs;

You are a poor kisser.

Are you familiar with the film Hitch? If so, then you know how poor kissing can ruin your intimate moments. The way you kiss is essential when building a good relationship. This can also foretell your sexual compatibility and your personality.

Hence, always show affection every time you kiss your partner. Do not act aggressively or wispily while kissing your partner.

Forcing a sex

Some women love rough sex. But it’s a different thing when the sex is already persuasive even though the lady doesn’t like it to be rough. It’s a big ‘no-no’ to a woman. Not only that, it can send a signal to the vagina that there’s a threat, forcing to close and deny any entry.

Gentlemen, when a lady isn’t in the mood to do it and she keeps on insisting that she doesn’t want to participate, listen to her. Always show your respect and make her feel she’s secure and comfortable so you can both enjoy your sexy time.

Hump and dump

Nothing’s worse than to encounter a man who reach his peak, then get up and leave you like a secret agent in the midst of the night. Definitely, running off after sex is one of the biggest turnoffs because the man implies that he just used up the woman. It suggests that what happened is purely lust, no emotion or affection was involved. Although this is the nature of men, women aren’t like that.

Thus, don’t just leave after having sex. Why not lie down with her for a moment and cuddle? This way, she’ll be happy to say how much she appreciates you and your time. Unless you have an agreement, do not dare to touch a woman if you aren’t interested to show how you value her.

Act like a robot

Groans, moans and screams are clear indications that your partner enjoys the session. But what if he’s silent, not even muttering a single word? This may lead to an instant drop of a woman’s libido. As soon as their libido decreases, their vagina will go back to its default state. In addition to that, her flow of lubrication will start to reduce. To simply put, sex without any expression can transform a pleasurable moment to an annoying evening.

It won’t hurt you if express what you really feel during sex, whether you love the way she gives you a head or the way she moves above you. Don’t feel embarrassed. Your moans and screams will motivate her to strive harder to perform better in bed.

Everyone has their own biggest turnoffs which vary from superficial to deeply offensive. Knowing these sex deal breakers can help you determine what to do when doing the dirty deeds.