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Best places to meet girls in Los Angeles

Certainly, there are countless locales in Los Angeles to meet girls. Also, indisputably, any list of the best places to meet girls is subjective. However, here is a list of what should be considered the best places to pick up girls in Los Angeles.


There is a slew of excursions to take in Los Angeles. You can take guided walking tours about the city. You can join a kayaking safari. Yes, you read that right. You can take a guided kayaking and biking tour. There is a company called LA River Kayak Safari.

The main selling point as for why joining an excursion is one of the best ways to meet girls is that you’re engaged in the same pursuit. On an excursion, you will have somewhat of a shared experience. You can talk to a girl on an excursion in a manner in which you otherwise would not. You can talk about what you are observing on the trip. You can ask a girl on a date, after you’ve practically already been on a date by going on the same excursion.


It’s no question that bars are a normal site for meeting girls. There are a whole host of bars in LA for which meeting girls seems propitious. One such bar is The Short Stop. It’s located in Echo Park.


There are scads of artists and musicians in LA. There are string quartets to boot. While you may think that you need to have connections within LA to attend a soirée, that’s not particularly true. You can even host a soirée by hiring a string quartet to play at your residence.

Concerts and recitals

If you do not want to host an event, you can call a local university. It’s more than likely that members of a string orchestra program at a university are hosting a performance. Students are required to give recitals. Also, university music programs often present free concerts to the public. Chances are high that you will meet intelligent women at concerts or recitals. If you think you do not have the wherewithal or knowledge to attend one of the aforementioned events, that’s not particularly true. It’s worth noting that a majority of women play in symphony orchestras. Symphony positions used to only be offered to men. Now, there are a lot of women who hold positions in symphony orchestras. If you attend a classical concert, you might even set up a date with a musician.