7 Common Reasons Why Your Partner is Cheating on You

Cheating will always be viewed as something deadly and vile. It is one of the most unforgivable mistakes you can do in a relationship. But why do other individuals still chose the road to infidelity even though they know it’s wrong? Let’s find out.

#1 Routine and boredom

They may feel like they are not going anywhere in their married life, and they may feel all too helpless and doing the same old routine again and again. Eventually, they would have to seek for new hobbies, find new adventures, and meet new people, resulting in infidelity.

#2 Insecurity in the relationship

In some instances, cheaters may feel disappointed and frustrated the way their relationship go. Instead of love, understanding, trust, and humility, their relationship was bounded by lies, violence and doubts.

Keep this in mind–married life does not guarantee happiness and oftentimes, it is when women start to feel more vulnerable to being frustrated and insecure. This is the time where they seek someone who can comfort them. Thus, cheating happens.

#3 Feeling less appreciated

People who are in a relationship want to please their man/woman. These can be buying sexy undergarments, cooking a romantic dinner, etc. These are some ways they do to show their appreciation and love.

What happens when women don’t hear the magic words “I love you” or “Thank you”? Ladies would surely feel less appreciated. Especially during birthdays, anniversaries or holidays and they don’t get any romantic or meaningful even a verbal greeting; ladies can possibly divert their gratitude and love to another man.

#4 For a pleasure

At some point in life, there are some cases in which women habitually dream on someone else, even if they are entirely besotted with their partner and don’t have any intention of cheating. Nothing is more seductive than the new and potential. It can be compared to a magpie, enticed by the unmarred glossy thing as it holds promise and can make you glossy, too. That’s why sometimes, you could hear a story of a woman having an affair with her professor, boss, coworkers or others.

#5 Revenge

Nothing compares the hurt of being cheated; they feel angry, numb, sad, deceived and violated. Also, it affects their self-esteem. As a result, it clearly affects their relationship, behavior, mood and capability to trust the cheater again, in a negative way. That’s why some women who have been cheated have a very bad experience with their previous man and aims to do the same thing with their current partner.

#6 Boring sex life

Let’s face it. Women want sex and enjoy sex. Just like men, they also cheat when they find that sex in a relationship is no longer exciting or pleasing as before. Today, many women look for the same physical satisfaction. Expect her to have a lover if there is not enough sex at home. (Well, doesn’t apply to some women)

#7 Lack of intimacy and attention

To date, lack of intimacy and attention is the major reason why women cheat with their partner/husband. Generally, women desire and need physical touch, intimacy as well as emotional and mental attention. If a woman doesn’t receive this from her boyfriend or husband, it will just be a matter of time and she may find it from other, such as the attentive man who feeds her emotional needs, caring guy friend or colleague.

Good thing, there are many ways a couple can do to resolve their relationship issues. These are something that can be solved with a bit or a sensible amount of effort.